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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  October 19, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> bundling up as temperatures fall. first frost of the season could be on the way overnight and some spots it could feel a lot more like november already. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. frost and freeze advisories will soon go into effect. let's get right out to justin drabick for a frosty forecast. >> high temperatures today only in the 50. that's typically what we should see in november not october. winds calmed down, that will allow temperatures to drop rapidly. we're seeing 30's breaking out in the delaware valley this hour. here we go, frost and some freeze warnings go into effect overnight starting at 2:00
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a.m. lehigh valley, northampton county poconos and also interior south jersey, the counties shade in there purple that's where we have a shot at seeing freezing temperatures, 32 or lower. elsewhere around philadelphia the surrounding suburbs counties shade in there blue under a frost advisory overnight temperatures there dropping down into the middle 30's so again a good first widespread frost possible through the overnight hours. here we go 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. those advisories and warnings go into effect. temperatures in the suburbs low to mid 30's. this can kill crops. bring in plants if you can and protect those from the harsh temperatures tonight. 51 degrees right now at the airport, the wind has calmed down so it's not too bad outside right now, 42 effort in reading, 42 in allentown but look at the suburbs already. 36 degrees this hour in quakertown, 39 doylestown and in pottstown. pretty much dry on storm scan3, maybe a few passing clouds coming through through the overnight hours. morning temperatures tomorrow
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for the city 40 degrees. surrounding suburbs temperatures down into the mid 30's and even lower 30's so we have that shot for a deep freeze in many spots in isolated areas. now forecast low for philadelphia is 40 degrees. if you do hit this, this will be the coldest night since april 21st 2014. so, coming up in the forecast we'll talk about how long the frost and freeze conditions last and the threat for showers this week. that's in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. natasha. >> justin thank you. see you soon. two armed robbery suspects target a chickie's and pete's. tonight those suspects are out on the loose. "eyewitness news" reporter noel mclaren joins us live with surveillance video of how they pulled it off. >> reporter: natasha, the popular sports bar actually opened about two hours late because of this horrifying
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incident but business is actually back to normal as police continue to search for these two armed men. police say the gunmen knew exactly where to go to rob thousands of dollars from chickie's and pete's crab house and sports bar in drexel hill. watch as two gunmen, one dressed in what appears to be a chickie's and pete's sweatshirt slip isn't the side door and barge into a manager's office. police say one held her at gun point demanding money from the safe while the other takes three other prep personnel and the manager and lock them in the freezer. the duo took off with thousands of dollars in night receipts but managers say they feel blessed nobody was seriously harmed. >> money means nothing. everybody is safe that's the important thing. >> reporter: shortly after staff was found by a kitchen manager and released from the freezer. some even stayed to complete their shift. >> great company. we've got a lot of great employees here. i got the best staff in
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delaware county. >> reporter: if you dined at chickie's and pete's now customers would say you wouldn't guess there was an armed robbery hours earlier. >> perfectly normal as if nothing happened. >> reporter: the search is on for these two masked men and police are seeking any clues to aid them in their investigation. the police say they are searching through that surveillance video that we just showed you as well as other video captured from other nearby businesses. we're live in drexel hill tonight, noel mclaren for "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> noel thank you very much. a man is found beaten to death in bucks county steps away from a church. this happened this morning near the intersection of post road and pennsylvania avenue in morrisville. "eyewitness news" reporter steve patterson tells us where the investigation stands right now. >> reporter: it didn't happen in the woods or an alley or a home, it happened on this street in broad daylight across from a church. murder in suburban bucks county.
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>> obviously they used something on him. his head was really end caved badly. >> reporter: the man in his 30's was beaten to death with an object sometime sunday morning around 8:30 at the corner of post road and ohio. police recovered a screwdriver they say was used to stab the victim but believe the beating is what caused death. mcclay says a witness saw part of the beating in progress and called police. >> we got here very quickly and my officers were able to apprehend two of the people. >> reporter: police say those two men are being questioned while they search for a possible third. investigators believe the victim was riding with the suspects in this white van and the attack was premeditated. >> this is personal. this isn't a random act. they didn't just grab this guy off the street. >> quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: what's often a cliche with neighbors near crime the chief says here it's justified. >> this is the only homicide this year for the year. >> reporter: now lab work based on leg work, question the suspect, process surveillance video from the
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church, get a warrant for the van. charges expected before monday morning. >> i'll be very surprised that it's just not something really stupid that they killed this poor guy over. >> reporter: the search continues for a third suspect. meanwhile chief mcclay says that van comes from trenton new jersey so it likely ended in this community but didn't start in this community. reporting from bucks county, i'm steve patterson, "eyewitness news" on the cw philly. >> the 21 day quarantine ends tonight for family and medicals professionals who were the first to come into contact with thomas eric duncan the first man in the u.s. to die from ebola. none appears to have been infected at this point. the carnival magic cruise ship returned to texas this morning with the hospital employee who handled duncan's specimens. she put herself in isolation while she was on board butter tested negative for ebola. the pentagon has announced a new military medical team. it will be deployed anywhere in the us where ebola is suspected within 72 hours.
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>> nothing is completely risk free and that's what people need to understand but the relative risk of things people need to understand is very, very small. >> the world health organization puts the death toll from the outbreak at more than 4500. most victims lived in liberia, sierra leone and guinea. a pedestrian rushed to the hospital after being struck by a car in burlington county, new jersey. the victim's condition is unknown at this point. it happened about 6:30 this morning at route 130 and chester avenue in delran. police are investigating but so far no charges have been filed. also shots are fired in west philadelphia hitting a man in the eye the neck and the chest. the 33-year-old was rushed from west girard avenue and north 38th street to the hospital just before midnight but died a short time later. it's still unclear who fired the shots and why. and authorities are still trying to figure out what started a fire that sent six people to the hospital overnight. this was the scene at north
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seventh street in west nedro avenue in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. the first call came in at about 2:15 a.m. crews had it under control about a half an hour later. there's no word on the condition of the victims just yet. a local church is helping a philadelphia community that was devastated by a deadly fire. three months ago. last july 4 children lost their lives and more than a dozen homes were damaged or destroyed on gesner street. since that day the first baptist church of pascal began raising funds for the victims and this morning they presented checks to two families who lost everything in the fire. archbishop charles chaput celebrating the work of missionaries at a mass today. he told those gathered in philadelphia that missionary work around the world is possible thanks to the sacrifice of the faithful. chaput also recognized the winners of a children's art contest as well.
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and one step at a time, people from all over made a big impact in the fight against aids. nearly 10,000 people strong actually joined the 28th annual aids walk filling the streets of philadelphia today. officials from the event say they raised close to $300,000. now, that money will benefit 18 different organization that is focus on prevention, education and medical care. and another great cause received lots of support in new jersey this morning. the lauren rose albert foundation hosted their fourth annual mothers matter 5k at washington lake park in sewell. the mothers matter program benefits mothers in need all throughout the south jersey area such as those in cancer units and nursing homes. now, we did speak to organizers then say today's event raised about $45,000. cooper university hospital meantime, it's glowing pink. it's one of the many, many local buildings turning pink this month for lights for the cure. this joint effort between cbs3
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and susan g. komen for the cure is just a reminder for women to schedule a mammogram. police in riot gear, they invade a new england town after a crowd goes out of control at a pumpkin festival. that's one story we're going to have for you after the break. plus, this, a man trapped inside an inferno. we'll show you the dramatic rescue that was all captured on tape. justin. >> and we have the potential for the first frost for parts of the delaware valley overnight. i'll let you know when milder temperatures return to the forecast. >> and the eagles may be off today but there was plenty of action around the nfl. lesley has the highlights a little bit later on in sports. stay with us, everyone, we're back if
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>> got a story if you would like us to investigate? e-mail your ideas to i-team at >> well, police investigating the disappearance of university of virginia student hannah graham are combing the area around charlottesville, virginia where searchers found humane remains. investigators interviewed nearby residents as well. it has not been confirmed that the remains are those of graham but police did notify her parents of the discovery. graham disappeared september 13th. jesse matthew is charged with her abduction. a pumpkin festival, it turns to mayhem in a new hampshire college town. police in riot gear used tear gas in an effort to control the crowds in the streets around keen state college.
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officers arrested more than a dozen people. the parties around the school coincided with the annual community pumpkin festival. many students spent the day trying to clean up the mess. a passerby spots a burning home and is the first to call 911. >> a man in there. >> we got to get the dad out of there. >> moments later an unknown man runs out, there he is, carrying the resident before firefighters had even arrived. officials in fresno, california say he was still hooked up to an oxygen tank when he was found inside. now, he was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation but a very brave, brave effort there by that neighbor. it was a battle of the leading men at the box office this weekend and brad pitt came out on top. >> will end soon but before it does, a lot more people got to die. >> pitt's world two drama fury
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blue past gone girl. fury is about a group of rag tag soldiers and their journey in tank all across war torn nazi germany. fury took in 23.5 million in its opening weekend. gone girl starting to slip here starring ben affleck slipped to second place with 17 million. the book of life was third followed by alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day and the best of me. it was very close call for one of our celestial neighbors. this afternoon a comet the size of a mountain passed within about 87,000 miles from mars. that's less than half the distance between the earth and the moon. in fact, if you were standing on mars when the comet passed by, the tail would spread across the entire sky. nasa scientists say it's made of ice and rock and may even contain remnants of the big bang. and another near miss here, this one in hawaii. hurricane anna brushed past the island chain this weekend without causing any major damage or injuries.
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some minor flooding was reported and the rough surf made conditions dangerous all along the coast but that didn't stop some experienced thrill seekers from getting out there and taking advantage of some huge waves. >> if they're not experienced, don't have the proper gear it would probable be dangerous for them. the boys are getting barreled all day and busting air. it was sick. >> this was the second large storm to move through the region in the past few months or so. in august, a tropical storm swept through cause something power outages in some areas as well. >> yeah, certainly some good waves for those body borders isn't hawaii. let's see what's happening with anna. downgraded to a tropical storm winds at 70 miles per hour moving very slowly to the west and as the storm continues to move to the west and southwest of the island kawhi we'll see
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the waves. first frost tonight for many spots and is this unusual? not really. check out the average first frost around the delaware valley. we see it early in october for the poconos. we already had the first frost there. philadelphia surrounding suburbs typically late october and that's pretty much where we are so we're on point there and then further south into extreme southern new jersey near the coast of delaware you get your first frost in early november and those spots are not under any advisories overnight. temperature change is big one. compared to this time yesterday anywhere from, oh, about six to eight teen degrees colder this hour and that's that cold air mass settling on in. check it out. millville already at 37 degrees this hour, 42 in allentown, 33 mount pocono, 51 in philadelphia. as we zoom out there's not a whole lot of cold air arounding the region. only in the low fritz in pittsburgh and state college. the core of the coldest air is
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on top of us right now and it will continue to move out over the next 12 hours. storm scan3 looking dry, just some high thin clouds will roll through the overnight hours so generally a mostly clear sky. winds are calming down so that will allow the temperatures to drop. we had a northwest wind today bring in the colder air. look what happens tomorrow. wind direction changes and it's out of the southwest so that's to warm us up a little bit and that southerly wind continues in the forecast for tuesday. there's the jet stream, the core of the coldest air lifts out of here monday and tuesday. the jet flattens outly we return to near average temperatures but by the end of the week this jet is pretty active again, another trough or dip develops and that slows the storm system down and stall it off the midatlantic coast. we'll keep cool temperatures around for the end of the week with threat for showers. overnight generally mostly clear skies. tomorrow morning looks good for the morning drive into the afternoon more clouds return so it will be partly sunny. overnight monday early tuesday morning we'll see a few showers arriving ahead that of
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storm system and then through the day tuesday, we could see a few scattered showers pretty much any time especially during the afternoon. that storm takes its good old time to get out of here so wednesday still the threat for some showers off and on through the day. looks like wednesday will be the wettest day out of the next seven. temperatures rebound about 60 degrees after a cold start tomorrow in the 30's. and then tuesday even warmer, approaching the upper 60's in some spots. it all depends on how much rainfall we get. overnight mostly clear, areas of frost surrounding suburbs, 40 for center city, monday partly sunny, we're up to about 60 degrees. here's the extended forecast. mid 60's on tuesday with some showers, near 60 wednesday with off and on showers through the day. still a shower threat on thursday with a high near '63 60. finally friday into the weekend we start to see some more sunshine, warming back up into the mid to upper 60's which is close to average this time of year and of course you can track the cold temperatures and the showers with the cbsphilly weather app, it's available for
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android and iphone so you can check that out. that's checking your eyewitness weather forecast. we'll send it back into the studio with lesley. >> thank you, justin. the eagles hoped at the end of the day they would be in sole possession of first place in the division. it didn't happen. now they're in second place and we'll show you why coming up next
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>> the birds with the day off hoping that the giants would recover from last week's smack down at the linc and beat the cowboys to give eagles sole possession of first place in the division. that didn't happen. all right. third quarter game tied tony romo all day to throw. he'll find gavin escobar down the middle for a 26-yard touchdown and the cowboys take the lead. demarco murray ran for 128 yards setting an nfl record becoming the first time running back to open the season with seven straight 100-yard games. cowboys win 31-21 and lead the eagles by a half game in the division. next week the birds heading to the desert to face the cardinals. today they took on the raiders. first carter carson palmer hits taylor for the 2-yard score. arizona take the lead. later palmer finds michael troy for the 33-yard score. the cardinals move to five and one on the season with a
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victory. to the nation's capital the redskins taking on the titans. washington benched kirk cousins in the second half and put in colt mccoy. he made his first six completions hooking up with pierre garcon. in comes kai forbath to kick the game winning field goal. time expired and the redskins ended their losing streak by beating tennessee 19-17. seattle at saint louis, seattle punts. rams look like they're setting up for the return. seahawks head that way. the ball goes to bailey. he goes 90 yards to the house. rams beat the defending super bowl champs 28-26. seattle falls to three and three on the season. eagles may have had the day off but the linc still very busy. over 3,000 young football fans attending the eagles kids club halloween party. they came dressed in costumes got candy also the chance to visit the eagles locker room. good time of course had by
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all. well, the flyers with the daw off, they'll resume their three game road trip on tuesday in chicago. last night they won their first game of the season. this one wasn't pretty. the game went into overtime claude giroux scoring the game winner and the orange and black rallied from a two goal deficit in the third period to win it six-five. coming up tonight in the sports zone with sports director beasley reece will be hanging out and handing out grades for the birds at the sheil kapadia will break down the flyers win with hockey author russ cohen tonight after the late news over on our sister station cbs3. we'll be ri
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inside this cave at a nature preserve in southwest china's province on october 6th. it's the first time a panda cub has been recorded in the wild in this way. the mother even snug geld up with her little baby until it fell asleep. how adorable. okay, well the change of season -- i was so distracted by the pan today. the change of seasons is upon us and you couldn't ask for a better day for a little bit of fun in the sun today from pumpkin carving to hayride. there was plenty of things to do for the whole family at the third annual harvest festival today in philadelphia. the event is hosted by the urban nutrition initiative and it's held every year to promote a healthier lifestyle and also build stronger community ties. thank you so much for watching us here on the cw philly tonight. we always appreciate it. for justin, lesley all of us here, i'm natasha brown. we'll see you at 11:00 over on cbs3. have a great night.
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